SandraPrettyExpertGreyCaption "Right now you hold the secret key to make clients want to hire you, to draw opportunities to you, and to attract the supportive relationships you want in your life…"


"So what IS this secret key to unlocking success in your life?"


You might be surprised. There is one key component in every human being that is "built in" into their being that can either make or break their life. This is something you use every single day and in every single moment, but you may not even be aware of it's true power in your life.

                    You might be thinking:

                    "Is it positive thinking?3rdEyeLights

                    "Is it working harder?

                    "Is it having more self confidence?"

The answer is…NO. Now let's be clear, positive thinking, working hard and having self-confidence can get you a long way in life, but at the HEART of all these things is something greater. Something that is the unified "magnet" that attracts either positive or negative things in your life.

So what is it? What is this secret key we all have? 

It's your EMOTIONS

Greg Braden, considered one of the most influential New Thought leaders in the world was once quoted as saying…"Our emotions directly influence our energy field which determines what we attract into our life."

He is absolutely correct. This "secret" has been known for centuries among some of the most influential people the world has ever known…from inventors, to political leaders, scientists and even actors.  Your emotions are at the core of your being. This powerful energy is like a magnet, attracting the positive or the negative. The trick is learning how to CHANGE your emotions into the positive in order to attract what you want the most.

Instead of trying to "think positive"…go deeper. Start "feeling positive" instead and watch the magic happen in your life.  The majority of people try to get more clients, new business opportunities, or even new love interests by focusing on the external things like making the right contacts or steps.  But what's more important to "attract" these things is to focus on how you feel about YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE…first.

HeartEnergyColors2Research has shown that the electromagnetic field of your heart is 100 TIMES more powerful than the electromagnetic field of your brain. This means that your feelings are 100 times more powerful than your thoughts in determining WHAT you attract into your life.

Your emotional "tone" or energy is the most critical key to your own personal success and happiness. It's in the driver's seat of your life and YOU are in charge of where it can take you!

  Imagine what it would be like if your emotions always inspired you to do the right things at the right times?

 My name is Dr. Sandra Camacho…

For years, my business was one struggle after another. I worked hard at it, but I felt like I was crawling towards success at a snail's pace. And worst of all, I personally felt like I was "not good enough"...

The driving force behind my energy healing and coaching business was helping people make breakthroughs around wealth and success.  But deep inside me, I felt inadequate. I didn't believe I could help people  in the way I felt like they truly needed. This feeling of inadequecy made me feel very awkward with my clients. I even felt guilty for charging them for my services. But I had to in order to make a living and survive. I had hit a plateau where I didn't feel good about myself or what I was doing.

But once I took a closer look at my business, I realized it was not life OUTSIDE of me that was causing my lack of progress…

It was my inner emotions about wealth and success.  They were sabotaging my ability to own my real value and were actually driving the success I wanted AWAY from me. I had a lot of inner emotional conflict around wealth and success and I knew that I had to make a change. I had to become friends with success, not enemies.

That's when I started the life-changing journey of breaking through my wealth and success blocks.… and that's when my business--and my life-- completely changed for the better. In a few short years, I manifested a successful business, with great clients and financial prosperity, and an upward spiral of business growth and success.


I now know that what I've learned can help anyone in this life make dramatic changes, on the emotional level, to outwardly create wealth and success in their own lives…

If you're currently feeling like you're not "good enough" for success, or feel that life is working against you instead of for you…or desire to have more clients, more friends, more wealth and more…then I'm here to tell you this is ALL possible. I did it, now you can too.

This method not only worked for me, but it's been proven to work for people of all types, backgrounds, situations and more. Everyone is human. If you have emotions (which I know you do!)…then what I'm about to share with you can transform your life from the INSIDE-OUT.

You only have ONE life. Why not make it an enjoyable one full of abundance and success from this day forward?

I would like to introduce you to my unique INTERACTIVE SYSTEM that will help you create more wealth, success and fulfillment in many powerful (and often surprising) ways. It's called

  The Inner Wealth System


This system contains my ENTIRE PROCESS of how I achieved rapid personal growth and you can too.

                     • RELEASE STRESS AND ENTER THE FLOW STATE-- release doubt, guilt, and shame so you flow with and are guided by the energies of your true desires.  Achieve your goals without "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone" so you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

                     • RADIATE the naturally radiant confident presence you deserve so you attract positive relationships without being pushy or inauthentic. Stop pushing or struggling -- radiate calm clear energy so you become naturally magnetic to the right people and the right opportunities.

                    • GAIN CLARITY so you see and recognize new relationships, opportunities, and solutions. Unlock your "inner genius" so you open to creative solutions and think out of the box more easily.

                    • TRANSFORM fear into positive energy so you mgnetize more of what you want.  My unique color based self-assessment tool allows you to precisely identify and release subconscious limiting beliefs without guesswork and without wasting time.   Gain insight so you are empowered to take charge of your life.

                   • TAP INTO THE POWER of your emotions so they guide, inspire and motivate you. Raise your emotional tone so you become clear, confident, and unstoppable. Unlock your life force energy so you are naturally motivated to create success. 

                  • RELEASE LIMITING BELIEFS-- My unique Color assessment tool helps you identify and release subconscious limiting beliefs without guesswork and without wasting time.                        

I'll personally support and coach you during this entire process with monthly 1-1 laser coaching sessions, email support, and inspiration and guidance to keep you on track. You'll have 24/7 access to the complete, step-by-step, Inner Wealth System whenever you need it. I'll also give you an online journal you can use to track your progress along the way.

     Monthly 1-1 Inner Wealth Laser Clarity Session

Every month you will receive a 15" Inner Wealth Clarity session with me. In this laser focused call I will :

               •  Help you get clear on your primary goal and challenge.

               •  Take a quick peek at your energy field to find out what is currently blocking you

               •  Give you tips on how to break through your specific current blocks

               •  Re-align your creative energy so you move into the flow that will manifest your desires

               •  PLUS --get all your questions answered about how to use the Antakrana system to increase your natural magnetism and more easily achieve your goals

      1-1 Hands On Inner Wealth Training Session

To get you off to a flying start, you will receive one 30-minute one-to-one coaching session with me, your Inner Wealth Magnetism Mentor. In our time together we will work to identify and transform your biggest challenges, set new goals, and open to bigger and better possibilities.  I will personally show you how to use the Inner Wealth system so you can get the best results possible in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Sometimes when people come to work with me and use my system their lives change in very surprising and delightful ways. Like my client Doris whose bed and bath design business had been in a slump for several months. Business had been so slow she was thinking of selling her business and throwing in the towel. Three weeks into the course, a woman she'd never met before walked into her showroom and placed a huge $100,000+ order!

Another of my students had given up on her beloved stand-up comedy career after being heckled at one of her performances. After using my system, she got her confidence and enthusiasm back for performing, and she started getting more bookings than she'd ever had before.

Carrie pictureCropped3

"I didn't want to pay the money, I didn't think it would make a difference, I didn't trust myself to use it regularly.  Really, I was just stopping myself from making progress. When I use it consistently I am more focused and productive. I am less likely to get distracted when working toward a goal. I find it to be a great business tool. I highly recommend the Inner Wealth System. It's like having a personal coach in your back pocket - ready whenever you need a boost. It's such a great way to clear away the negativity or "fog" that keeps you stuck in one place." -- Carrie Todd, MFTDebra PayneCropped

 "I get caught up in the idea that I don't have time to do things like this. I am always afraid of investing in something and then not using it. I've done that before and lost money. However, once I looked into this, I realized it doesn't take very much time at all. Plus, the time invested pays off immensely." -- Deb Payne, PhD

There are so many personal growth and coaching programs out here, why should I choose this one?

Yes, there are probably thousands of personal growth and self-coaching programs out there. Some good, some bad. Many cost hundreds of dollars. Most involve giving you strategies for taking actions that may or may not be totally right for you. Only a few work on the level of your subconscious mind.

The Inner Wealth System is the only online interactive program that helps you clear blocks directly at the subconscious level so you get immediate results from each session. It's as close as you can get to having your own on-call personal energy healer.

The shifts you experience during sessions naturally motivate you to take the specific actions that create your unique brand of success. Your own life force energy inspires and motivates you so you don't need to push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve your your unique brand of success. You become naturally clear, confident, and unstoppable. What could be better than that?

Imagine This Day With Me...

You wake up energized and jump out of bed excited to start your day. The phone rings--a new friend you met a yoga class wants to make a coffee date. You check your email and there is a new client wanting to book a session with you who was referred by one of your favorite clients. You get your mail and there is an unexpected check from a client who had been behind on her payment. You go to the cafe to grab a coffee and run into an old friend. She introduces you to a new friend who has connections in your industry who offers to help you grow your business... and so it goes...These are the kind of synchronicities that happen when you harness the power of your emotional mind.



Completely Idiot-Proof Process
All that is required is logging in to the membership area and following the prompts. If you can read, connect with your feelings, and tap on your face, you can do this. Seriously--it is that easy.


No time? No problem
Short on time? No problem. This program requires a minimal time commitment--two or three sessions/week, or 1-2 hours/weekly. You will begin noticing results within yourself right away and overall changes in your life within a few short weeks.


Tight Budget? We've Got You Covered
Programs with 1-1 support such as this can cost upwards of $97/month or more. But you can get access to this life-changing program for only $40/month.


Get the 1-1 Support You Need and Deserve
Get 1-1 support from me each month to help inspire and propel you towards your goals. Get insight that will help you break through your biggest challenges. Ask questions, share, and receive support.


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You Have Nothing To Lose With My No Questions Asked Guarantee
I guarantee this unique life-changing program will help you create more success and fulfillment in your life in ways you never dreamed possible. If you are not absolutely delighted with your results at any time during the first month of the program just let me know. Your money will be refunded--no questions asked!


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