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Ready for a breakthrough in your life? Stuck in old patterns that just don't seem to change?  My Inner Wealth Activation Sessions are unbeatable for helping you move through blocks to greater success and fulfillment in your life.  How it works: Emotions, thoughts, and limiting beliefs show themselves as colors in the energy field. In an Inner Wealth Activation Session, I help you connect to your deepest truth by directly viewing the colors in your field to help you precisely identify what limiting beliefs and fears are currently blocking you.  We then use a meridian tapping clearing process to release all your "untruths".  You are then free to move forward in grace and freedom to create the life you deserve.




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Cynthia Klein  4.2013 Web Face SM"Three things about my session amazed me: The first was Sandra could actually read my colors over the phone. That blew me away. The second was that the colors of my energy so clearly reflected what was going on inside of me. The third is how knowledgeable Sandra is about what the colors mean and her ability to translate them into meaningful information ... Hearing another person put into words what I was going through was invaluable. It helped me to self-reflect, understand, and take the action I needed to move forward."

Cynthia Klein
Certified Parenting Educator,


Jenny Headshot cropped"Sandra's ability to see the colors in my energy field and precisely interpret their meaning was very useful and enlightening. She helped me get clarity about a core issue that I had been struggling with for a long time. Sandra works with a loving heart and in a very gentle way. She is talented, intuitive, and supportive. You feel comfortable working with her."

Jenny Li Ciccone
EFT Practitioner/Mindset Coach, Joyful Journey Coaching



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