They just landed (pick your favorite pet peeve):
A.  five of your dream clients
    B. the job you would kill for
     C. the amazing new relationship
Right in front of your face...again.

So what can you do to outshine the competition without becoming a raging narcissist or a power-hungry b*tch?


You Activate Your Inner Wealth Factor




 Why Activate Your Inner Wealth Factor?

Why Activate Your Inner Wealth Factor You Ask?




  • lord buddha Purple111x150When your Inner Wealth Factor is activated, you command attention because of your quiet confidence not your ginormous ego.
  • lord buddha Purple111x150When your Inner Wealth Factor is activated, you say and do the right thing at the right time so you don't go in directions that get you nowhere fast.
  • lord buddha Purple111x150When your Inner Wealth Factor is activated you go with the creative flow so you don't waste energy pushing or struggling.
  • lord buddha Purple111x150When your Inner Wealth Factor is activated your clarity and self-belief automatically propel you to a higher level of success without pushing you "out of your comfort zone".
  • lord buddha Purple111x150When your Inner Wealth Factor is activated you go for what your heart truly desires without second-guessing or short-changing yourself.

Is This You?

Do you feel like a used car salesman every time you try to get people to see your value, talent, or desirability?

Would you like to be able to draw the right people to you without putting on some kind of trained animal act?

Would you rather walk in front of a truck than talk about how great you are in order to get the right kind of attention?

How I Discovered My Inner Wealth FactorSandraPrettyHeadshot

I'm Dr. Sandra Camacho. For years I struggled to create success. It was extremely frustrating because I was smart, I was talented I was hard working, but still real success kept eluding me. What frustrated me even more was I saw people around me flourishing who seemed to have a smaller "skill set" than I had. For the life of me I could not figure out what was keeping me from having the kind of successful life that I truly wanted. Finally, one day, it dawned on me. I realized that it wasn't that I wasn't smart or talented like these other successful people. The problem was that on an subconscious level I didn't really believe that I could be like them. The problem was not with my abilities but with my unconfident feelings about myself and my life. My frustration, my unhappiness, my low emotional tone was what actually blocking my ability to create success. I then began the journey of healing my emotional mind, raising my emotional tone, and activating my  "Inner Wealth Factor." That's when my life finally began to change for the better. After three years, I manifested the life I once only dreamed of: a successful business, a beautiful home, international travel, and the abundant fulfilling life I now live. I did it and I know you can do it too.


Here's What The Inner Wealth Factor Will Do For You:

Unlock the Awesome Power of Your Emotions

Tap into the power of your emotions so they guide, inspire and motivate you. Raise your emotional tone so you become clear, confident, and unstoppable. Unlock your life force energy so you are naturally motivated to create success.

Break Though Limiting Beliefs Without Guesswork

My unique Color Resonance process allows you to precisely identify and release subconscious limiting beliefs without guesswork and without wasting time.   Gain insight so you are empowered to take charge of your life. Unlock your "inner genius" so you open to creative solutions and think out of the box more easily.

Release Stress and Enter the Flow State

Release doubt, guilt, and shame so you flow with and are guided by the energies of your true desires. Achieve your goals without "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone" so you enjoy the journey as much as the destination

Become More Naturally Magnetic

Have the naturally radiant confident presence you deserve so you attract positive relationships without being pushy or inauthentic. Stop pushing or struggling -- radiate calm clear energy so you become naturally magnetic to the right people and the right opportunities.

"I did not expect it to be so strong so instantly!"

"With her ability to tune into ones energy field "reading" the colors Sandra can give you immediate feedback on what is going on Sanja-Beewithin you on a level you may not be able to get aware of yourself. She guided us through easy to follow exercises - which immediately had strong impact right on the spot...  I really did not expect that it could be so strong so instantly! The deeper impact which had evolved over the following days was even stronger and caused shifts in my perception and daily actions. This program causes you to focus and and adjust your intentions week by week, thus almost forcing you into achieving success!"

Sanja Bee--Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Sanja Bee - Lifestyle Entrepreneur

 "The changes in me and my life have been huge..."

kike"The Inner Wealth Factor program has made a very big, positive difference in my life. Since starting the program last November, I have made great movement forward with my career. I am operating beyond my old comfort zone, trusting the process of life, and seeing support and opportunities manifest on an ongoing basis. In the last month, I have acted in four short films, been contracted (cast) in a major role in a low-budget feature, and am feeling a confidence that I have never experienced before.

When I first started the program, the changes were slow but I stuck with it. Now, the changes are happening faster and faster and it is all getting easier and easier. With the EFT tapping and Color Resonance, Sandra cuts through to the subconscious that controls how we feel about ourselves and therefore our actions. This is a great program. I am continuing with it because the changes in me, and the changes in my life, are huge."

Kike Adedeji - Actress, Singer


"I have shifted my energy focus 180 degrees..."Emily

"Participating in the Inner Wealth Factor Program has truly been a blessing in learning to achieve inner happiness and abundance by releasing negativity and conflict in my energy system. With Sandra’s guidance, I have shifted my energy focus 180 degrees. My intention and purpose is no longer to strive for outward perfection and success, but to vibrate a more positive and peaceful inner state that will manifest emotional and financial abundance. I can now let my security come from being present, going with the flow and trusting in the healing space of unconditional love."

Emily Congdon--Healthcare Consultant

Emily Congdon - Healthcare Consultant

The Bottom Line is This...

The Inner Wealth Factor is the only program that helps you use your own life force energy so you create success without struggling or  "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone".

There are so many group coaching programs out here, why should I choose you?

Yes, there are probably thousands of group coaching programs out there. Some good, some bad.
Most cost hundreds and even thousand of dollars. Most involve giving you strategies and then holding you accountable for taking actions that may or may not be totally right for you. Only a few work on the level of your subconscious mind.

The Inner Wealth Factor program is the only group program that helps you clear blocks directly at the subconscious level so you get immediate results from each group session. No homework is required.

The shifts you experience during sessions naturally motivate you to take the specific actions that create your unique brand of success. Your own life force energy inspires you so you don't need to be pushed, prodded, or "held accountable". You become naturally clear, confident, and unstoppable. What could be better than that?




"The Inner Wealth Factor program made me the star I am today."
---Angelina Jolie  

OK, maybe Angelina Jolie didn't say that.  But no question, the Inner Wealth Factor weekly coaching program will help make you the star you are meant to be!



        The Inner Wealth Factor Program Includes:

  • Bi-weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Bi-weekly assessment/action plan
  • Tapping Video Tutorial
  • Email support
  • All Group Call Recordings


Radiant positive energy, crystal clear clarity, and rock-solid self-belief that naturally guides you to the right people and opportunities at just the right time.

Imagine this day with me:

You wake up energized and jump out of bed excited to start your day. The phone rings--a new friend you met a yoga class wants to make a coffee date.  You check your email and there is a new client wanting to book a session with you who was referred by one of your favorite clients. You get your mail and there is an unexpected check from a client who had been behind on her payment. You go to a networking event and connect with a future JV partner. She shares with you her idea for co- writing a book that can build both of your reputations and sky -rocket your success... and so it goes...These are the kind of synchronicities that happen when you activate your "Inner Wealth Factor".

Let's face it... The next few months are going to pass you by anyway.  Will you spend it doing the same old same old and getting the same boring and frustrating results? Or you will you decide that it's time to catapult yourself to a whole new level of success and fulfillment?

A Coaching Program That is So Fun, Easy, and Effective You Will Become Addicted

Get the Support and Community You Need and Deserve

Get support each week to inspire and propel you towards your goals.  Ask questions, share, and receive support.  Grow and learn every week with a group of dynamic, interesting, self-aware people just like yourself.

Completely Idiot-Proof Process

All that is required is calling in for your bi-weekly call and participating. If you can pick up the phone and tap on your face, you can do this.  Seriously--it is that easy.

No time? No problem

Short on time?  No problem.  This program requires just one group coaching call--just 90 minutes/every 2 weeks --to get great results.  Busy schedule and can't make all the calls?  All calls will be recorded so you can listen at the time that is most convenient for you.

Tight Budget?  We've Got You Covered

Group coaching programs such as this can cost upwards of $397/month or more. But right now you can get access to this life-changing program for as little as $97/month. (billed quarterly)

You Have Nothing To Lose With My No Questions Asked Guarantee

I guarantee this unique life-changing program will help you create success and fulfillment in your life in ways you never thought possible.  If you are not absolutely delighted with your results at any time during the first month of the program just let me know. Your money will be refunded--no questions asked!




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