Clinically Proven Method

 bluegreaterimprovementThe meridian tapping method used in the Antakrana system has been clinically proven effective.  In one double-blind pilot study approximately 5,000 patients diagnosed with an anxiety disorder were randomly assigned to either an experimental group (using meridian tapping) or a control group (receiving Cognitive Behavioral talk therapy and medication).  At the close of therapy the meridian tapping group showed a 43% overall greater improvement in anxiety symptoms than than the CBT talk therapy/medication group.

More Sustained Improvementblueshortertreatmenttime

Additionally, at one-year follow-up, the patients receiving tapping treatments were less prone to relapse or partial relapse than those receiving CBT/medication, as indicated by the independent raters' assessments and corroborated by brain imaging and neurotransmitter profiles.  

Study Shows Rapid Results

In a related pilot study by the same team, the length of treatment was substantially shorter with meridian tapping therapy and related methods than with Cognitive Behavioral talk therapy/medication (mean = 3 sessions vs. mean = 15 sessions).    

How It Works

scaledbluefigureWhen you feel challenged outside circumstances seem to be the cause of your discomfort. But the cause of your unease is not just "out there". Your actual discomfort comes from your own stressed thoughts and feelings about the situation. Antakrana's unique energy self-assessment tool helps you clarify the underlying cause of your stressed feelings so you can then take action (step #2) to eliminate them.  

Balance your mind and emotions.58

Once you have clarified the real source of your unease, the next step is to balance your mind and emotions using meridian tapping. Meridian tapping is a therapeutic technique based on the ancient art of acupuncture. It is rapidly effective in de-stressing the mind and body. One recent October 2012 clinical study showed meridian therapy to be 58%  more effective in decreasing cortisol (a hormone indicative of stress) than talk therapy.  For most people, the entire process takes about twenty minutes. You are left feeling relaxed, mentally clear, and physically re-energized.  START MY MEMBERSHIP NOW

The Science Behind the Method

What you experience as stress is also known as the "flight or fight response", an automatic response of your brain  to perceived danger.   It is meant to be protective, but this part of the brain cannot differentiate between a charging tiger and a modern stressor such as a looming project deadline.  This is when it becomes healingquoteproblematic--innocuous situtions that need your calm attention can be perceived as a dangerous threat.  

"Calming" the Brain

Meridian tapping works by stimulating acupressure points that calm this "flight or fight" part of the brain.  It creates new neural pathways that communicate to the brain that there is no danger, so similiar stressful situtations no longer trigger the same type of reaction. Responses to stressors are calmer and no longer evoke anxiety, anger, or other negative emotions.

Harvard Medical School Research

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, stimulating these acupressure points leads to the release of endorphins, increased GABA levels (a hormone that reduces stress), and decreased cortisol levels (a hormone associated with stress.)  The result:  reduced anxiety, increased well-being and improved mental clarity.    


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